We all have opinions. Whether anyone agrees with anyone else is where it gets interesting.

Extended deliberation and conversation on a subject is not hard to come by. Over a pint in the pub, on a football terrace, across a boardroom, in the bedroom; opinion is everywhere. It can bring people together or tear them apart. 

We at FOULDER want to spread our thoughts on a breadth of topics, from music to film, from current affairs to food, from the future of technology to the past and its importance on our present. Life itself will be dissected along the way through a number of personal stories.

FOULDER is about that flash of inspiration, that spark of emotion on a topic. If you feel strongly about anything in the world, we are for you.

Welcome, and read on. See what we've seen, heard and thought.

The Story of FOULDER.

Born out of blogging and lengthy up-all-night conversations, FOULDER is the brain child of Tom Bradley and Dan McShane, two gents who have spent half their lives at loggerheads and the other half in tears of laughter. 

Like a lightning bolt, the idea of creating this site came from nowhere, but had spent a long time building up. Of needing to do something with the creativity at the fingertips of nine separate people. Of needing to prove that it could be done.

We hope you enjoy. And if you'd like to join us, pitch the editor. tom (at) foulder (dot) net. We don't bite. (Often.)